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Venues that have Hosted Memorable Sports Events


Venues that have Hosted Memorable Sports Events



Wembley Stadium - Populous

Wembley Stadium

If you're from America and that name sounds familiar it is probably because of the NFL's annual "Wembley Game. If you come from somewhere, there is not only a football match here once a year. It is the most famous stadium for soccer, the most popular sport around the world. If you don't live in the US, it's the most popular sport every four years.




Centre Court Wimbledon

Ninth on our list is the only place a tennis fan gets nervous upon hearing its mention. I am talking about the Tennis Cathedral Center Court Wimbledon. One of the most famous and historic venues of all sports.



Cameron Indoor Stadium - December 19th, 10 | View On Cameron… | Flickr

Stadium of Cameron Indoor

Some say it's the noisiest arena of any sport, you won't hear me argue. Stadium is home to the nation's most popular college basketball program, Duke University. Some of the greatest games in college basketball history have been played there, and some of the greatest teams in college basketball history have played there. This stadium is as iconic as it gets when it comes to collegiate arenas.



Louisiana Superdome

Louisiana Superdome may not have as rich a track record as some of the other locations on this list, but it does have its own history. Look, this dome is in the party city of the world: New Orleans. However, what I think really sets this stadium apart is not only the great support from the fans, but also how what happened there changed the city. was used to repair bodies during one of the greatest natural disasters of all time, Hurricane Katrina, and some wondered if the city would ever be the same.But when the Saints defeated the Falcons on Monday Night Football in their first home game at the Superdome in two years, the town came alive. And when they went to the NFC Championship Game that same year, the city got even busier.



Get to Know Rome’s Colosseum

Roman Colloseum

Moving from an emotional landmark to a historical landmark of all time: the Roman Colosseum. And yes, it's spelled correctly. The Colosseum was probably built in the years 70-80 AD. and still stands today. As we all know, the Colosseum was originally built for gladiator fights, which is actually considered a sports arena. But the fact that no athletics competitions are held has certainly detracted from this list by a few points.



Lambeau Field –

Lambeau Field

The field where Lombardi went around the sideline and Starr sneaked the ball over the 1-yard line onto a completely frozen field. The place where Brett Favre hit his linemen in the snow and where Donald Driver broke his fingers so many times. A phase in which any temperature above freezing is considered warm.



Wrigley Field Chicago Sports 03 Photograph by Thomas Woolworth

Wrigley Field

The Good old& Wrigley Field, the only stadium I know of that can only host a football game in the end zone.A place where the fences are covered in ivy and where Steve Bartman almost lost his life. Wrigley Field is as unique as a  stadium can be and  as iconic as it gets.



Fenway park : Professor Doug Bell- Bellevue Cadillac Blog

Fenway Park

Fenway is the oldest baseball park today and is a beauty. It's so original. Everyone knows they're looking at Fenway Park as soon as they see it.From the Green Monster to the Pesky Pole, everyone will recognize Fenway Park.



Indy 500 - Indianapolis 500 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Stadium of Indianapolis of Speedway

Speedway Even though I hate racing cars I have to love the Indianapolis Motor Speedway show. Everyone knows this, even those who know nothing about  NASCAR. It also hosts one of the most famous annual sporting events of the Indi 500.



Madison Square Garden Stadium - New York Madison Square Garden All ...

Madison Square Garden Stadium

Home of the Knicks and Rangers is not just a sports venue, it's also an entertainment venue. You won't be successful at basketball or hockey until you do something great in the backyard. Madison Square Garden has hosted some of the most famous events in world history. It was also the scene that saw basketball immortals Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan  at their best. They also enlightened Mark Messier and Stéphane Matteau. The fact  is, there are few places more famous, not just in sports but around the  world, than Madison Square Garden.



Old Boston Garden – Waitkus Studios

Old Boston Garden

The Boston Garden has seen just about everything from Bill Russell to Larry Bird and John Havlicek to Kevin Garnet, it's been home to one of the largest franchises in any sport. The garden has also hosted concerts, NHL All-Star games, Stanley Cup games, and more. Boston Garden's rich basketball history places it directly above Madison Square Garden.



[37+] Old Yankee Stadium Wallpaper - WallpaperSafari

Old Yankee Stadium

This used to be the most magical place on earth where literally anything could happen. The Yankees have flown 26 World Series banners here. Here you can get out to the beat every day and listen to Frank Sinatra's song "New York, New York". You're sure to see at least one celebrity here where Bleacher Creatures held a gathering. This is where Bob Sheppard's voice has been heard for decades, this is where Louis knocked Schmeling unconscious, Knute Rockne said, "Get one for Gipper.