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The six highest paid female footballers


Women's sports have never gotten similar measure of consideration or subsidizing as men's games. Fortunately, things are starting to change. Following the Lionesses' success at the Euros, audiences and viewing figures are on the rise. We as a whole know that games - and particularly football are immense currency producers. Although the salaries of players may appear exorbitant, the teams remain financially viable thanks to sponsorships, ticket sales, and licensing revenue.

Sponsors are less inclined to support women's sports because they don't receive the same level of media coverage. The thump on impact is that female players normally have far lower pay rates than male players do.

Player salaries, on the other hand, are a useful way to track rising interest in women's sports, just like ticket sales and viewership figures. Let's take a look at the female football stars with the most potential out on the field:


Australian player Sam Kerr is apparently the most generously compensated player in ladies' football. Kerr has played for Chelsea beginning around 2020, in the wake of expenditure the early long periods of her profession playing in both Australia and the US. She additionally plays for Australia and captained her group to their best-ever Olympic completion in 2021. Also, Kerr is said to make approximately £417,000 annually. Given that she is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the world, she has undoubtedly earned this salary. She won the PFA Players' Player of the Year award in 2022.


Another player competing for the title of world's best striker is Vivianne Miedema. Miedema is a Dutch player who is at present playing for Weapons store. The team appreciates her talent and is willing to pay her an annual salary of £382,500, according to reports. Since marking with Weapons store in 2017, Miedema has kept on playing universally for the Netherlands. She was just 22 years old when she set a new nation-wide scoring record. Miedema is regarded as an intelligent player who is able to keep her opponents guessing in addition to being a fast and aggressive player.


The third-highest-paid female football player is Alex Morgan. She procures a revealed £340,000 playing for the San Diego Wave. Morgan is regarded as one of the most influential athletes in the United States and another skilled striker. When FIFA 16 featured Morgan as one of the players on the cover, the video game industry recognized her popularity and skill. With the exception of a brief spell with Tottenham Hotspur and a six-month stint with Lyon, Morgan has played almost all of her career in the United States. British fans may remember Morgan best for miming a cup of tea to celebrate her World Cup goal against England in 2019.


Fran Kirby is the main English player on our rundown and furthermore the first non-striker. The Chelsea forward is purportedly paid £310,250 each year. Her childhood profession and the initial not many long periods of her senior vocation were enjoyed with Perusing, however she has been playing for Chelsea beginning around 2015. She also represents England on international stage.

Kirby has been a key factor in Chelsea's recent success. In 2021, Kirby won the title of Women's Footballer of the Year from the FWA. She was additionally one of the central participants in Britain's UEFA World Cup triumph in 2022. She is a noteworthy player whose abilities have been sharpened all through her vocation.


Chelsea is able to attract the best talent in the world because they have a reputation for being willing to pay their players what they are worth. From Denmark, Pernille Harder is a forward or attacking midfielder who has been with Chelsea since 2020. She procures a detailed £301,750 every year. Since 2009, Harder has also represented Denmark. Moreover, Harder is an unquestionably capable player who turned into Denmark's record goal scorer with 66 objectives in 129 games. She played in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany for a few seasons before Chelsea swooped on her. She has made 42 appearances for Chelsea and has scored 19 goals since joining.


Manchester City, like Chelsea, is known for being able to pay a lot to get the best players. One of those players is Alex Greenwood, who is said to earn £200,000 annually. Furthermore, Greenwood's talent is demonstrated by the fact that she is the only defenseman on our list. She ranks among the WSL's best set piece specialists. She has likewise offered fundamental help for the Britain group, including moving forward to skipper it during the 2023 Arnold Cup.

Player Team Salary (Approx.)
Sam Kerr Chelsea £400,000 per year
Vivianne Miedema Arsenal £300,000 per year
Alex Morgan San Diego Wave Not available
Fran Kirby Chelsea £200,000 per year
Pernille Harder Chelsea £300,000 per year
Alex Greenwood Manchester City £180,000 per year

How much do women’s football league pay ?

In the US, albeit the ladies' public group are viewed as the best on the planet, players in the Public Ladies' Soccer Association don't make however much in other top-level associations. Moreover, players who are not members of the USWNT or the Canadian national team receive a maximum salary of $50,000 per season from the NWSL. The annual minimum wage is $20,000. While, female footballers in France earn approximately €48,000 per season, or €4,000 per month, on average. The median annual salary in England is £35,000. In these leagues, not all players make the same amount, and some women's football players in France make six figures.

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