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Reddit Soccer Streams
Real Sociedad Real Sociedad - logo
Starts in 17hr:43min
Villarreal - logo Villarreal
Bologna Bologna - logo
Starts in 17hr:28min
Hellas Verona - logo Hellas Verona
Metz Metz - logo
Starts in 17hr:43min
Olympique Lyonnais - logo Olympique Lyonnais
Bayer Leverkusen Bayer Leverkusen - logo
Starts in 17hr:13min
Mainz 05 - logo Mainz 05
Coventry City Coventry City - logo
Starts in 17hr:28min
Preston North End - logo Preston North End
Leeds United Leeds United - logo
Starts in 17hr:43min
Leicester City - logo Leicester City
WWE WWE - logo
Match Started
Elimination Chamber - logo Elimination Chamber
UEFA Europa League Draw UEFA Europa League Draw - logo
Starts in 8hr:43min
UEFA Europa League Draw - logo UEFA Europa League Draw
Dubai Duty Free Tennis Dubai Duty Free Tennis - logo
18 Feb 04:00 AM
Open tennis - logo Open tennis
Mifel Tennis Open Mifel Tennis Open - logo
19 Feb 04:00 AM
Open tennis - logo Open tennis
Rio Open presented by Claro Rio Open presented by Claro - logo
19 Feb 04:00 AM
Open tennis - logo Open tennis
Qatar ExxonMobil Open Qatar ExxonMobil Open - logo
19 Feb 04:00 AM
Open tennis - logo Open tennis
Samsunspor Samsunspor - logo
Starts in 14hr:43min
Rizespor - logo Rizespor
Al Riyadh Al Riyadh - logo
Starts in 11hr:43min
Al Raed - logo Al Raed
Al Taawon Al Taawon - logo
Starts in 11hr:43min
Al Akhdoud - logo Al Akhdoud
Al Fateh Al Fateh - logo
Starts in 14hr:43min
Dhamk - logo Dhamk
Arouca Arouca - logo
Starts in 17hr:58min
Famalicao - logo Famalicao
Hurricanes Hurricanes - logo
22 Feb 08:00 PM
Panthers - logo Panthers
Red Wings Red Wings - logo
22 Feb 08:00 PM
Avalanche - logo Avalanche
Senators Senators - logo
22 Feb 08:00 PM
Stars - logo Stars
Devils Devils - logo
22 Feb 08:00 PM
Rangers - logo Rangers
Penguins Penguins - logo
22 Feb 08:00 PM
Canadeins - logo Canadeins
Lightning Lightning - logo
22 Feb 08:00 PM
Capitals - logo Capitals
Blues Blues - logo
22 Feb 09:00 PM
Islanders - logo Islanders
Flames Flames - logo
22 Feb 10:00 PM
Bruins - logo Bruins
Kings Kings - logo
22 Feb 11:00 PM
Predators - logo Predators
Golden Knights Golden Knights - logo
22 Feb 11:00 PM
Maple Leaf - logo Maple Leaf
Kraken Kraken - logo
22 Feb 11:00 PM
Canucks - logo Canucks
Blue Jackets Blue Jackets - logo
Starts in 17hr:43min
Sabres - logo Sabres
Blackhawks Blackhawks - logo
Starts in 19hr:13min
Jets - logo Jets
Oilers Oilers - logo
Starts in 19hr:43min
Wild - logo Wild
Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers - logo
22 Feb 11:00 PM
Detroit Pistons - logo Detroit Pistons
Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers - logo
22 Feb 11:00 PM
New York Knicks - logo New York Knicks
Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors - logo
22 Feb 11:00 PM
Brooklyn Nets - logo Brooklyn Nets
Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers - logo
22 Feb 11:00 PM
Orlando Magic - logo Orlando Magic
Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks - logo
22 Feb 11:30 PM
Phoenix Suns - logo Phoenix Suns
Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls - logo
22 Feb 11:55 PM
Boston Celtics - logo Boston Celtics
New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans - logo
22 Feb 11:55 PM
Houston Rockets - logo Houston Rockets
Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder - logo
22 Feb 11:55 PM
LA Clippers - logo LA Clippers
Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets - logo
Match Started
Washington Wizards - logo Washington Wizards
Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings - logo
Match Started
San Antonio Spurs - logo San Antonio Spurs
Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors - logo
Match Started
Los Angeles Lakers - logo Los Angeles Lakers
Utah Jazz Utah Jazz - logo
Match Started
Charlotte Hornets - logo Charlotte Hornets
Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks - logo
Starts in 21hr:13min
Toronto Raptors - logo Toronto Raptors
Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers - logo
Starts in 21hr:13min
Cleveland Cavaliers - logo Cleveland Cavaliers
Houston Rockets Houston Rockets - logo
Starts in 21hr:38min
Phoenix Suns - logo Phoenix Suns
New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans - logo
Starts in 21hr:38min
Miami Heat - logo Miami Heat
Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder - logo
Starts in 21hr:38min
Washington Wizards - logo Washington Wizards
Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies - logo
Starts in 21hr:38min
LA Clippers - logo LA Clippers
Philadelphia Union Philadelphia Union - logo
Starts in 18hr:13min
Chicago Fire - logo Chicago Fire
Charlotte Charlotte - logo
Starts in 18hr:13min
New York City - logo New York City
Orlando City SC Orlando City SC - logo
Starts in 18hr:13min
CF Montreal - logo CF Montreal
Houston Dynamo Houston Dynamo - logo
Starts in 19hr:13min
Sporting KC - logo Sporting KC
Dallas Dallas - logo
Starts in 19hr:13min
SJ Earthquakes - logo SJ Earthquakes
Austin Austin - logo
Starts in 19hr:13min
Minnesota United - logo Minnesota United
Los Angeles FC Los Angeles FC - logo
Starts in 19hr:13min
Seattle Sounders FC - logo Seattle Sounders FC
Portland Timbers Portland Timbers - logo
Starts in 21hr:13min
Colorado Rapids - logo Colorado Rapids
San Diego Padres San Diego Padres - logo
22 Feb 04:10 PM
Los Angeles Dodgers - logo Los Angeles Dodgers
Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs - logo
Starts in 13hr:48min
Chicago White Sox - logo Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers Texas Rangers - logo
Starts in 13hr:48min
Kansas City Royals - logo Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers - logo
Starts in 13hr:51min
San Diego Padres - logo San Diego Padres
Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies - logo
Starts in 13hr:53min
Arizona Diamondbacks - logo Arizona Diamondbacks
21 Feb 01:00 AM
KwaZulu-Natal Inland KwaZulu-Natal Inland - logo
21 Feb 07:00 AM
Warriors - logo Warriors
Western Province Western Province - logo
21 Feb 08:00 AM
Dolphins - logo Dolphins
Boland Boland - logo
21 Feb 08:00 AM
North West - logo North West
Netherlands Netherlands - logo
Starts in 1hr:13min
Namibia - logo Namibia
India India - logo
Starts in 1hr:43min
England - logo England
New Zealand New Zealand - logo
Starts in 4hr:53min
Australia - logo Australia
Puerto Rico FC Puerto Rico FC - logo
Starts in 21hr:13min
Panama - logo Panama
Huracan Huracan - logo
Starts in 20hr:13min
San Lorenzo - logo San Lorenzo
Sarmiento Sarmiento - logo
Starts in 20hr:13min
Barracas Central - logo Barracas Central
Union Santa Fe Union Santa Fe - logo
Starts in 20hr:43min
Independiente - logo Independiente

What is Reddit Soccer Streams ?


Football is by far the most popular sport in the world and rightly so considering who accessible it is both to play and watch around the world. Football TV and online streaming rights are sold in over 200 countries around the world in some shape or form. Even if the country is not very good at playing football, huge number of fans still exist there who might not play it but follow the sport both at International and club level.


Fans also flock to online streaming sites to get their football fix. One of those sources use to be that famous /r/soccerstreams sub at Reddit which had over 4 million followers. It was banned back in 2020 and since then founders of /r/soccerstreams have made their own website. One of those is Which works very similar way to that sub


Streaming on Reddit Soccerstreams


The idea is same. Streamers will post their links for each game in system and system then collect all links for same match and present it in a threaded form where all the links are ranked according to reputation of the stream. According to general rule, higher the link, better the quality. Which is mostly true.


The site is designed in such a way that you can find all soccer matches links to be played around Europe right here on homepage. All competitions also have their dedicated pages as well.


See Also Premier League Streams


Guide on how you can watch SoccerStreams


The homepage of has all the upcoming matches on the day. If you scroll down you will find all football matches to be played today which are seperated according to league and competitions. Some leagues have higher priority then the others. For example if there is a premier league match it will always be listed at the top. Then we have competitions like Champions League, Europa League, Conference League. FA Cup and other top 5 European leagues like Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie and French Ligue 1. All matches from these competitions are posted with live streaming links.



How to watch live streams at Reddit soccer streams?

To watch the soccerstreams at this website you can follow the guide below.
1. Visit the home page of
2. On the home page, scroll down to get matches schedule which is available according to date and time and seperated according to competition
3. Click on the “Live Stream” option to get instant access to streams. This option will redirect you to the streaming page for the match.
4. Voila! You are done with the process. Relax and enjoy the streaming while you are on the way to your office.

UEFA Champions League Live Streams At SoccerStreams


UEFA Champions League is by far the biggest club cup competition in the world. UEFA has sold rights for Champions League in over 180 territories around the globe. But still if you cant find Champions League access you can tune in at this page and see all UCL games for free.
You can either visit homepage of the site or bookmark the dedicated Champions League Streams page to find the upcoming streams from Champions league matches.