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Football fans can give you an endless list of reasons they support their favourite team, whether it's geography, heritage, or even glory. Knowing facts about your favourite Chelsea team allows you to connect with them more personally. You may be aware that, in the 150-year history of English football, none of the clubs in London has had the same level of success as Chelsea, who won the Champions League in 2012. However, read on if you want to learn more about the team.

Chelsea and Arsenal were the first teams to wear numbered uniforms!

Chelsea made history by wearing numbered uniforms when it was nonexistent. In 1928, the Premier League giants were the first to wear numbered kits in a match against Swansea City. Along with Arsenal, they were the first clubs to adopt the numbered kit tradition. It was a big deal for clubs to wear numbered uniforms. The Blues have always been ahead of their time, as the numbered kits did not become standard until 1939, more than a decade later. A numbered system-aided players in getting attention while also making it much easier for fans.

In 1982, Ken Bates paid £1 for Chelsea!

Ken Bates, a businessman, purchased Chelsea for £1 in 1982. The Blues were drowning in debt, and their very survival was on the line. The club could not spend on players until Bates intervened to save them from certain death. For a pittance of £1, Ken Bates bought the club with £1.5 million in debt. Chelsea was able to resurrect and re-establish themselves as being among the Premier League's most powerful clubs due to the deal. Even though Chelsea was again in financial trouble, Roman Abramovich stepped forward to take over the club.

The first English club to win each of the four European Cups!

In 2012, they won the Champions League for the first time, and in 2013, they won the Europa League. Chelsea is the first English Premier League club to win all four UEFA major European trophies. European success is arguably the most difficult mountain to scale in club football. Modern behemoths such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain can attest to this. Chelsea is the first English team to win the European Cup Winners' Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA Super Cup in the same season. When they defeated Real Madrid in 1971, the Blues were crowned European Cup Winners' Cup champions.

In the English top-flight, the longest unbeaten run in 86 games!

Chelsea's unbeaten league run at Stamford Bridge is a record that is unlikely to be matched or broken shortly. Arsenal's invincibles earned immortality with their incredible unbeaten run to a league title in the 2003-04 season. On the other hand, Chelsea had a league record of going 86 games without losing. In 2004, they began an incredible 86-game unbeaten streak at home. It went on for four years until the Blues were defeated in the Premier League by Liverpool in 2008. Even though only a few coaches led Chelsea during this period, Jose Mourinho deserves special mention.

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