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Millions of fans who identify with the club's values have helped it become one of the world's most respected sports institutions, overcoming cultural and geographic barriers. Think again if you believe you know everything about your favourite soccer team, FC Barcelona. Continue reading to sharpen up your information about one of the most famous football clubs.

A Swiss man founded the club!

Due to its strong ties to Catalan culture, the club was founded by Hans Gamper, a Swiss businessman who also co-founded FC Zürich. He advertised a meeting in a local gym, which was attended by 11 people, in the hopes of forming a local team. Afterwards, he rose to the position of club president and changed his name to Joan Gamper to make it much easier for residents to pronounce his name.

The team that has won the most Ballon d'Or awards around the world!

The club has had 11 players receive this prestigious award, three more than Real Madrid, Juventus, and AC Milan, who are the next most rewarded clubs (which all tie at eight). No player has contributed more to the club's ranking than Lionel Messi of Argentina, who has won it four times since 2011 and been shortlisted two more times.

Franco forced the club to change its name and language!

The club drew a lot of unwanted publicity from the authorities during Franco's dictatorship because of its heritage of Catalan pride. They were not allowed to speak Catalan and were required to take off all Catalan flags and symbols from their shirts. In 1974, the club was forced to change its name to Club de Football de Barcelona.

They came up with their very own style of play!

Johann Cruyff, a Dutchman born in Barcelona, is perhaps the most famous player and manager. Following a brief stint at Ajax, he decided to join Barcelona in 1973 and stayed for several years before moving to the United States. Cruyff returned to Barcelona as a manager in 1988 and is credited with forming the world-famous 'Dream Team,' which included Pep Guardiola, José Mari Bakero, and Txiki Begiristain. More importantly, he is the driving force behind Barcelona's tiki-taka style of play and Total Football philosophy.

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